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Despite government promises that the urban-oriented health system inherited from the RLG would be expanded to support rural primary health care and preventative programs, little money had been allocated to the health sector as of 1993. According to figures from 1988, less than 5 percent of the total government budget was targeted for health, with the result that the Ministry of Public Health was unable to establish a management and planning system to facilitate the changes envisioned. UNICEF considered the effort to construct a primary health care system to have failed entirely.

Health Care System

The Health Sector in Lao PDR has been guided by Socio-economic development of the country. The Party and the government have endeavored to promote health for all people of Lao PDR. Building upon the spirit and content of the policy on the Health Sector of the Party, especially within the aim to expand health services throughout the country and to gradually improve the quality, Primary Health Care is intrinsic to the work of the Health Sector and intends to address health promotion and care to all ethnic populations in order to contribute to the country’s development at the level of others countries in the region.

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