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Primary Education in Laos


The primary education cycle in Lao PDR is five years. MOE has overall responsibility for coordination, planning, policy development and quality control for formal education while management of functional responsibilities is distributed geographically to 18 PES offices and 135 DEBs. At the village level the village head, village school management committee, and the school principal are directly responsible for the operation and maintenance of schools in more than 8,000 villages.

The human resources development Medium-Term Program 1997-2000, produced by the SPC of Lao PDR in May 1997, provided a general framework for identifying priorities for education. For primary education MOE has the following immediate priorities:

Pre-Primary Education in Laos


The purpose of pre-primary education is to prepare children physically, emotionally, socially and mentally to enter grade 1 of primary school. This preparation is considered the foundation for further psychological development. Specific objectives for pre-primary school set by MOE include to:

  • enhance the physical development of children;
  • train young children to follow instructions of the teacher;
  • train children to be leaders and followers as appropriate;
  • encourage children's imagination and creativity;
  • train children to be disciplined;