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University Education in Laos


Laos, There are 3 institutions which are considered to provide university-level programs: the University Pedagogical Institute; the National Polytechnic Institute; and the University of Health Sciences. Each of these institutions provides specialized professional training of at least 4 years duration that is open to graduates of upper secondary schools. There is no national university providing programs in the arts and sciences. Admission to these institutions is based on a provincial quota system determined by the Ministry of Education (Asian Development Bank, 1989b, p. 66; Spaulding, 1990, p. 117).

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A safe place to gather in Laos

Google News - Wed, 2015-01-14 05:04
Laos (OM) — Just three weeks before their office lease expired, Operation Mobilization Laos secured a new office location opposite a large college, with another college just down the road. “Our new building is such a perfect place!” said the ministry ... catched

Exceptional Lao students heading to US

Google News - Tue, 2014-07-29 02:26
The students include Mr. Ketsada Koulabouth from the Lao-American College; Mr. Cheniboun Somvong from the National University of Laos' (NUOL) Faculty of Engineering; Ms. Sengkham Thongphataysak from NUOL's Faculty of Law and Political Science; ... catched