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Lao Silver


Lao silver - Bring beauty into your life while helping a culture retain its traditions.

The heartland of Laos in Southeast Asia has always been on the edges of civilization and viewed as an exotic culture by the hardy, early Western travelers and explorers. The Laotian people have a long tradition of silver-working with jewelry designs showing influences from Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures.

These territories experienced the most flourishing development of ornamentation in craftwork during the introduction of Buddhist sculpture going back to the 7th century. The outstanding forms of expression in the art of jewelry were thus linked to religious, ceremonial rites and Royal Dynasties contributing to the glorification of the figures and deities worshiped by the people.

Lao Necklaces

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Most kind of necklaces are local made in Laos. each is as unique as the person who wears them. Lao people are wearing necklaces in all types of occasions. In wedding Ceremony the bride must wear lots of gold in the form of bracelets necklaces and even gold around the bun atop her head. Most Lao children wearing silver bracelets and necklaces.


All the styles are made in traditional patterns worn by the Loa Court for many generations. Most style of necklaces had a curvy M desgin at the end of the chian.


The Grand Mekong Naga

Attractive Bracelets in Laos


There are many attractive Bracelets in a Wide Variety of Styles including Trendy Sterling Silver Bracelets including Cubic Zirconia, Crystal & Gemstone Bracelets. Unique selection of fine quality Vintage Bracelets You'll love the Link Gemstone Bracelets in Laos, cuff & bangle styles. Silver Bangle Bracelets are easy to dress up or down depending on how you combine them with other Sterling Silver Bracelets. Chunky bracelets are one of this years hottest trends and you can achieve the look with one chunky Silver Cuff Bracelet, combine several Silver Bangle Bracelets together, or add in Gemstone Bracelets for a touch of color.

Custom handmade jewelry in Laos

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Lao handmade jewelry with a unique and sophisticated flair, crafted with the finest quality materials is very popular. Those are designed by local Lao artist. Most jewelry shop in Laos offering handmade silver jewelry as well as gold filled handcrafted jewelry designs. Unique handmade jewelry incorporating vintage components to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry pieces. Handmade jewelry is a hot fashion trend in Laos.