Lao Folk Dance

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Lao circle dance or Lamvong

The typical Lao folk dance is kind of circle dance or to dance in circle. This Lao circle dance is called "Lamvong" in lao language and it is a famous dance and greatly enjoyed during parties, weddings, festivals and other local celebrations.

Lamvong is a very easy dance that doesn't require any special skills and it's great fun so don't be shy. If you spend more time on the sidelines than on the dance floor at Lao parties and celebrations then you're missing out.

To dance the Lamvong, you basically move continuously round in a large circle, moving your arms, legs and bending your fingers to the music, but you should never be touching your dance partner. It is typically performed to mor lam (traditional) or luk thung (country) music. In Lao nightclubs, however, Western forms of dance predominate.

Guests are requested to participate in the Lamvong dance so as to make them enjoy and feel at home when they are in Laos. The dancer will request the guests to dance by inviting them onto the stage or floor and show them how to dance. So come on and join in, it's time to get down and dance the Lamvong.

Welcoming dance - fon baci su khuan

Lao welcoming dance or fon baci su khuan in Laotian is the important folk dances which is performed in conjunction with the baci ceremony, the graceful southern female dance fon tangwai (performed to the accompaniment of lam tangwai), and the male martial arts dance fon dab.
Over the past few decades efforts have also been made to choreograph various traditional ethnic minority dances, including the Hmong New Year dance fon bun kin chieng and the Khmu courtship dance fon pao bang.