Drugs Quality of Private Pharmacies in Laos

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Substandard or counterfeit drugs has been reported in countries where drug regulations are ineffective use of low quality drugs can result in adverse clinical outcomes such as lack of effect risk for development of bacterial resistance, toxicity or side effects.

Substandard drugs by origin in 1999

* 47% of drugs from unknown origin (17/36)
* 17 % of drugs from Thailand (24/143)
* 24% of drugs from Lao factories (23/97)
* 71% (55/77) of ampicillin in 1999 was from Laos only 2 were substandard

A significant reduction in low quality ampicillin and tetracycline was seen between 1997 and 1999. Manufacturing practice in Lao probably improved as almost all ampicillin from Laos were of good quality. Despite improvements the prevalence of substandard drugs were unacceptably high (22%)