Business Registration Procedures in Laos


The Lao Government encourages domestic and foreign persons, either individuals or legal entitles, to do business or to invest capital in all fields of lawful economic activities, such as agriculture and forestry, industries, energy, mineral extraction, handicrafts, communication and transport, construction, tourism, trade, services and others.

Before commencing operations, all enterprises (domestic, foreign, state, private, joint venture, etc.) must be registered, in conformity with the Lao law on business operations, with the Ministry of Commerce’s Trade Registration Department: at provincial level, with the trade registration service: and at district level for small size investments.

Upon receipt of the completed application and supporting documents, the concerned authority shall screen them and register quickly.

One supporting document, if investment is in the field of agriculture, should be a notification of approval from the Ministry of Agriculture: if in manufacturing or industries there should be approval notification from the Ministry of Industry.

For foreign investment enterprises, before applying for trade registration, these enterprises, must have received a foreign investment license from the Foreign Investment and Management Committee (FIMC) according to the law on the Promotion and Management of Foreign Investment in the Lao PDR.